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Chocolate Poo Recipe

25th March 2011

Have you ever thought to yourself “if only I could make a chocolate dessert shaped like poo?” well now you can! Yes, to entertain all your friends and family why not make them a chocolate poo dessert? Perfect for birthdays, christenings, family gatherings, parties – you name it, it’s the perfect dessert for it! (Maybe…)

We can promise you this is definitely just chocolate.

You will need:

4 Mars Bars
4tbsp of golden syrup
6 digestive biscuits
100g chocolate raisins (OR non-chocolate covered raisins to make it a tiny bit healthier)


1. Pour a small amount of water into a saucepan and set to simmer. Place a glass bowl over the saucepan (make sure the water does not directly touch the bowl!).

2. Chop your Mars bars up into chunks and put them in the bowl with the syrup. Slowly melt them with the heat from the simmering water.

3. Crush your digestive biscuits (in a food processor if you’re feeling professional, in a sandwich bag using a rolling pin like a hammer if you’d rather do it the fun way ;) )

4. Stir the crushed digestive biscuit and chocolate raisins into the chocolate mixture and turn off the heat.

5. Allow to cool to room temperature.

6. Shape your poo! The syrup will keep the chocolate easily mouldable whilst at room temperature, so it should just be like playing with play-doh. Or should we say poo-doh?

7. Once shaped you can fridge your chocolate poo over night to solidify it, or eat it straight away warm!

8. Serve up the poo to your friends/family/loved ones – don’t tell them it’s made of chocolate before you’ve seen the look of shock on their face when you start eating it! Yum.

(Source: 4food)


  • Paul

    This would be a great thing to eat in a very crowded shopping centre =)

  • http://Yourwebsite lord hee haw

    This recipe is s**t!! Ha ! :)

  • http://Yourwebsite jim

    I’ve just crapped myself laughing reaading the recipe.

  • Andy

    Excellent.. Just missing some sweetcorn for that extra realism!

  • http://Yourwebsite Kev

    That is horrible! Some people are sick in the head. “have you ever thought, if only I could make a chocolate dessert shaped like poo.” NO!

  • Tamara

    Laughing to death because of the comments!

  • Tamara

    Only came here because of the movie-the Help