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10 Cooking Fails – Expectation vs. Reality

15th August 2013

Cooking never goes the way it’s planned.

Expectation: Sexy, wonderful home-cooked dishes.

Reality: Leaving stuff in the microwave with the tinfoil on.

There’s a reason we avoid all this cooking nonsense. Don’t get tempted. After watching cooking television shows and food advertisements you think – how hard can it be? Don’t be fooled, it really is that hard. Just look at the efforts of these poor people:

1. Expectation: Creamy macaroni cheese.

Maybe a couple different types of cheese, a little bit of garnish – perfect.

cooking fails macaraoni 1

Source: hiddenponies

Reality: Penne with the saddest cheese slices ever.

At least they took the wrapping off. That’s pretty good, right?

cooking fails macaroni 2

Source: arxtemik


2. Expectation: Succulent roast chicken.

A juicy, succulent and perfectly seasoned roast is one of the finest things mankind has invented. Everyone knows that.

cooking fails chicken 1

Source: cookinskinny

Reality: Succulent chicken, burned to a crisp.

Turns out the difference between farenheit and celsius is a little bigger than anticipated.

cooking fails chicken 2

Source: break


3. Expectation: Adorable Oreo cupcake bears.

Hey, if some random person off the internet can make them – why can’t you?

cooking fails oreo 1

Source: cupcakebox-es

Reality: IT’S A MONSTER.

Nailed it.


Source: supercoolstorybro


4. Expectation: Hearty pepperoni pizza.

Thin, delectable slices of pepperoni and a hearty Italian pizza base. That’s how it’s done.

cooking fails pizza 1

Source: browneyedbaker

Reality: Cremated oven pizza

Well, at least you’ve discovered the fastest way to burn 800 calories.

cooking fails pizza 2

Source: dienu


5. Expectation: Squidgy smores.

Marshmellow, biscuits and chocolate squashed together into one big confectionery sandwich. This is some serious comfort food.

cooking fails smores 1

Source: seekingstyleblog

Reality: The saddest marshmallows on the planet.

You could always scrape some off when it’s cooled down. Those marshmallows are still good. … right?

cooking fails smores 2

Source: crazycatgrrl


6. Expectation: Fluffy blueberry pancakes.

Thick, fluffy and topped with some delicious blueberries and an exquisite amount of golden syrup.

cooking fails pancakes 1

Source: fatsointhekitchen

Reality: Pancake… stuff.

At least it’s the colour of pancakes.

cooking fails pancakes 2



7. Expectation: A chocolate chip cake, topped with ice cream.

Squidgy spongecake, packed with chocolate chips and topped with vanilla ice cream.

cooking fails ice cream 1

Source: fadedtracks

Reality: The saddest dessert on the world.

What did you do? What did you do?

cooking fails ice cream 2

Source: wikipedia


8. Expectation: Egg fried inside pepper.

Savoury, healthy – what’s not to like?

cooking fails omelette 1

Source: apronstringsblog

Reality: Egg stuff

Breaking that yolk - every damn time.

cooking fails omelette 2

Source: shutterbean


9. Expectation: Hand-rolled sushi.

It’s rice and seaweed, how hard can it be?

cooking fails sushi 1

Source: oneequalstwo

Reality: A blob of seaweed, rice and canned tuna.

It’s… okay. It’s reeeeeally hard. Like, moon-landing difficult.

cookings fails sushi 2

Source: chuckiechavez


10. Expectation: Tender skewers of marinated chicken.

Simple, healthy and delicious. It’s just a meat on a stick, after all.

cookings fails skewers 1

Source: traceysculinaryadventures

What you actually make: Deep fried chicken blobs.

Maybe it’s a little more complicated than a meat on a stick. Or so it appears.

cooking fails skewers 2

Source: alineaathome

Any one of these slightly depressing meals could be yours if you’re not careful. Don’t take any chances. Don’t Cook, JUST EAT.


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