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It's Pizza Month!

30th September 2010

It's pizza month!Although surely worthy of year-round celebration – it’s apparently National Pizza Month in October! We here at are currently in gluttony cross training to stuff our faces with this luscious mainstay of Italian takeaway and make it a month to remember. While you’re chomping down on this most wondrous of creations, did you know…

Saturday night is traditionally the biggest night of the week for ordering takeaway pizza.

36% of all takeaway pizza orders want pepperoni on it; however the Italians feel there are really only two “true” pizzas: the marinara (tomato, spices & olive oil) and the Margherita (tomato, mozzarella and basil).

The concept of pizza has actually been around since the Neolithic age, with records of people adding toppings to bread to make it more flavourful. No confirmation if the concept of the deliveryman existed.

A favourite of the office is chicken and mushroom pizza, whereas our blogger, Kari, thinks it doesn’t get any better than mushrooms, black olives and onions on top of her takeaway pizza. Which topping ticks all your takeaway pizza boxes?