The 38th London Marathon 2018 may be over, but tired bodies and minds are still reeling from the race. So how should runners replenish and refuel?

Obviously, someone else should be doing the running for you. We’ve got this. We’re always warmed up and ready to work a little Just Eat magic. Sit back, put your aching feet up, adjust your ice packs and prepare to order.

Carbohydrates are king

Carbs. Carbs. Carbs. All hail these beige bad boys. Rice, pasta and fries are what you need to replace energy stores so the brain and body can do their thing. (Like lying down and letting some comfortable upholstery take the strain.)

So far, so simple — sounds like pretty much any one of our restaurants can do the trick.

Burgers, pasta with meat or fish sauces, curry with rice, fish and chips, pizza, Chinese — it’s all up for grabs.

Muscle in on some protein

As your muscles have slaved their way around 26.2 miles, you’ll need to feed them with plenty of protein. Meat is the obvious choice. But don’t forget that fish, eggs, tofu and cheese are tasty options too.

Don’t sweat it

Go easy on the spices. You’ve sweated buckets already, and a shirt-soaking, brow-mopping phal or vindaloo, could reduce your electrolytes. We’re thinking a mild Thai or Vietnamese, but go for what your taste buds tell you.

Before we leave you to your food-loading, let’s give a big hand to the spectators. Watching and cheering is hungry work. Not to mention supporting someone through their training journey.

Celebrate your achievements. Click below and take a magic shortcut to refuelling.