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10th October 2012

Picture the scene: you’re on holiday and have just eaten something super tasty, you wish your friends/family could get an idea of just how delicious the food was but other than trying to sneak some home in your purse/pockets it’s probably not going to happen … unless you had a machine that could print postcards with the scent of foods!

food postcard

Zhu Jingxuan, a student from China’s Donghua University, has created a concept device with Sony’s Student Design Workshop. The ‘food printer’ combines a camera, smell extractor and printer: you take a photo of the food, collect the aroma of it via the smell extractor and then print the postcard with aroma ink: resulting in a postcard that smells of the food you’ve just photographed.

food postcard

Sadly this is all a concept idea and the idea of an aroma sensor analysing the food’s scent and simulating it via the aroma inks is complicated technology, not something you could whip up in a University design class. But still, we’d love to see this created for real. Although we wonder how long it would be before people started trolling others by taking photos of food but using the scent extractor on horrible smells …