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St. Patrick’s Day and Irish cuisine

17th March 2011

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the day celebrated all over the globe, whilst Americans spend it claiming they’re Irish because their great grandmother’s aunt’s babysitter was Irish, the English will spend it using it as an excuse to drink Guinness and wear green and bemoan the fact St. George’s Day is nowhere near as fun.

Yes the drink of choice is, of course, fairly obvious (assuming you’re legally allowed to drink the beverage and drink it responsibly) but what about the food? “Potatoes!” we hear you cry. Well, yes, it’s true; potatoes are a very important part of Ireland’s foodie history. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing exiting or tasty you can do with them!

  • The majority of Irish Cuisine is what you’d probably hear described as ‘hearty’.
  • Lots of ‘meat and veg’ cooked in traditional styles.
  • Over the past few decades fish and shellfish has become a bigger part of Irish meals, thanks to large fishing industry and access to fresh shellfish on the Irish coasts.
  • Irish beef is world renowned as one of the greatest sources of Beef.

Irish Themed

Irish stew

Irish stew is a popular and traditional dish consisting of lamb, potatoes, carrots, leek and whatever other vegetables you desire. All of it put together in a big pot and slowly cooked till the lamb is soft and tender and the sauce is a thick gravy. It’s a hearty dish that deserves to be made in a big pot and eaten with family.

Potato Farls

Yes ok I know, potato is a cliché, but farls are awesome and for some reason haven’t caught on in the rest of the world. A flat bread with potato replacing a portion of the regular wheat flour, they’re often cooked on a hot griddle pan and, if made right, are a fantastic balance of crunchy outside and fluffy inside. Often seen on Irish breakfasts they’re great for mopping up baked beans or  gravy from your stew.

Green Themed

Thai green curry

There aren’t many green cuisines. Sure there are food items that are green – peas, broccoli, mouldy cheese etc But few entire meals with the green colour. So to get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit you need to get creative. Thai green curry is one of Thailand’s most popular exports, a sweet, fragrant curry made with coconut milk, green chilli, garlic and lime.  Normally this would be served and eaten with Roti, but why not try some fusion cuisine and have it with an Irish potato farl to soak up all the tasty sauce?

Green cupcakes

Ok maybe this is cheating a bit. If you grab a bit of green food colouring and you’ll quickly find any meal you want can be green.  But there’s something fun about turning a normal boring coloured cake into a colour you don’t expect. Plus if you have kids and you’re looking for something to do with them one evening there’s nothing better than making cupcakes together.

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee they will manage to do this without getting cake mix all over possibly themselves and possibly you and possibly the rest of the house.