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Takeaway World Records

17th February 2011

Tallest man? fastest Car? Boring, we’ve heard all that before. Longest takeaway delivery? Biggest Naan Bread? Tallest poppadum tower? Now that’s more like it. Welcome to the weird world of takeaway food world records!

Truth, justice and hot pizza delivery


Ever been upset that your favourite takeaway is too far away from you to deliver? You might not be as forgiving when you hear how far these delivery people went to get a takeaway delivered! The wonderfully named James Crisp delivered a curry all the way from Chirstchurch, New Zealand to Manchester in 2008. That’s over 11, 701 miles!

However it’s still not the longest takeaway delivery, that award goes to Paul Fenech who delivered a pizza to Wellington, New Zealand (I’m noticing a pattern here) from Madrid, Spain in 2006. A distance of 12, 346.6 miles! Do you think it was still hot by the time he got there?

When I said I wanted a hot bath this isn't really what I meant...


In July 2005 Abdul Salam must have been feeling hungry. Really hungry. Because on the 16th July mr. Salam created the worlds largest curry, weighing in at 10.3 tonnes (22707.61 lb)! To put that into perspective for those of us that have no concept of how heavy 10.3 tonnes actually is (*raises hand*), the average weight of an adult African Elephant is 4.6 tonnes. So that’s two and a half elephants worth of curry! No information on what kind of curry it was, but we hope it was something mild. We don’t think we could handle a vindaloo for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a month…

Not to poppadom tower scale


Everybody loves really tall things, but buildings are old hat by now. How about the world’s tallest stack of poppadoms? On July 22nd 2009 the Curry Lounge in Nottingham managed to stack their poppadoms to a ridiculous height of 4ft 11inches. That’s taller than some people I know! Any guesses as to how many poppadoms it would take to make a food tower that tall?

What takeaway food world record would you try to break?


  • http://Yourwebsite Steve Toone

    I would love to break the number of takeaways eaten in a lifetime. I’m working hard! Lol ;D

  • http://Yourwebsite gray van dike

    i love da curry