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17th November 2011

Ah pizza, whilst undeniably Italian it’s a dish that can be unique to every country just by changing a few toppings. But just how odd can some worldly pizza toppings get? If you recoil in horror at the thought of pineapple on pizza, it’s probably best to turn away now…


Let’s start off with something not too crazy, Sweden’s ‘twist’ on the Hawaiian pizza. With pineapple on pizza still a contentious issue amongst takeaway fans (we’ll diplomatically state that we’re undecided), many are probably not ready to learn that Swedes include ham, pineapple, banana and curry all on one pizza base. We don’t think the individual toppings are bad suggestions; curry sauce on pizza sounds like an amazing bit of fusion takeaway, and banana goes rather fantastically in many south-east Asian curries, but we’re not sure the world is ready for it together.


No. Just no. We don’t care how good it tastes, black is the LAST colour we want to see on our pizza. There are several Japanese pizza and pasta dishes that replace the tomato sauce base with squid ink sauce. Apparently it’s rather tasty (there are many other dishes around the world that involve the calamari being cooked in the ink) but that isn’t going to convince us that ink black sauce looks incredibly unappetising.


Yes, you read that right; cookie crust, a pizza crust made of cookie dough. Sounds genius until you realise that the rest of the pizza is still savoury. Yeah, check out the picture, that’s a shrimp right next to the sweet cookie. Shrimp and cookie. We’ll let that sink in for a bit, maybe you want to go get some fresh air … OK, you’re back? The pizza also comes with a blueberry dipping sauce, so after you’ve made your way through the savoury shrimp and potato pizza, you can have your crust for desert.

You can watch the TV advert here. Check out the confused western (Italian?) chefs looking over in amazement at the cookie crust creation. We get the feeling this was not based on any real life reactions.


We’re sorry Japan, we don’t mean to pick on you again, though this one is drastically different from our other pick. Whilst squid ink pizza stems from traditionally popular Japanese cuisine, the “Double Roll” pizza from Pizza Hut Japan is every cliche about American food shoved into a pizza. It’s a monstrosity of gastronomic terror, western civilisation as viewed by other cultures in one cheesy bite. 646 calories per slice, a crust of bacon wrapped sausage bites, mini hamburger patties, and drizzled with maple syrup. If you ever feel like you’ve had a few too many pizza slices, remember this pizza, you’ll feel healthy by comparison.

What’s the weirdest pizza topping you’ve ever tried?

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  • http://Yourwebsite Michael Christopher Compitus

    Cast your mind back to when Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles were all the rage back in the mid 90′s and you’ll find they produced some very obscure pizza toppings that made it to the supermarket.

    I actually remember one including apple as a topping!

    I will say that anything could be applied to a pizza base, take for instance, I once, instead of having yorkshire puddings with my sunday lunch, proceeded to put beef and chicken on a pizza base, together with cauliflower, carrots, roast potatoes, peas, brussel sprouts and sausage. I spread the mashed potato over the pizza base, added the toppings and made a particulary thick solution of gravy.

    It was surprisingly nice!

    Or ‘calzone’ a cornish pasty?

    Use a sweet dough and add chocolate brownie and treacle sponge pieces to it and use part melted white vanilla ice cream as your garlic sauce or hand-blended strawberries as your chilli sauce? Pizza for your main meal and another pizza for dessert!

    In the north where we are known for our high-calorie battered mars bars from the chip shop, sometime you just have to think outside the box. As with ideas and creations, like marmite, some love it, some hate it.

  • http://Yourwebsite Mikael

    That’s the Hawaii Special. If special pizzas can be entered we have one that can only be described as Snickers… Marabou Special; tomato sauce, cheese, vanilla sugar, chocolate and peanuts.

  • pjaco

    haggis ang black pudding mmmmmmmm delish!