What with Fried Chicken Day and French Fry day making an appearance in our calendars this month, we thought about some our of favourite treats that could do with the deep fried treatment too…

1) Avocado

Melty on the inside crispy on the outside, our mouths are watering just thinking about it. Though you can’t get one on JUST EAT yet, eagle-eyed eaters can pick one up from Howard’s Meat Co in London… if you do happen to stop by, pick us up one too…

2) Oreos

As if they weren’t already tasty enough, some clever so and so decided that these would be even better after they’ve been battered and chucked in a fryer… we couldn’t agree more. There’s even a nine step WikiHow recipe if you fancy trying your hand at them yourself.

3) Bacon

Ah. The age old problem. To crisp or not to crisp? Well, if you deep fried your bacon instead, you could have your cake and it… well, bacon. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and full of bacon-y goodness. Nom.

4) Pizza

Pizza is great. We love pizza. But, sticking the whole thing in a deep fryer? Well that’s a whole other level of awesome. We’ll take every flavour on the menu, please.

5) Taco

Anyone who’s ever eaten a taco knows how difficult they are to eat gracefully. The solution? Deep fry your tacos to create little pockets of deliciousness. All the flavour, without the mess. Brilliant.

6) Mushy peas

Mushy peas are a must when you’re off to the chippy. But, have you ever noticed how they’re the only part of your meal that’s not subject to the deep fried treatment? Ever wondered why? We did, and now we can’t help but think deep fried mushy peas would be all kinds of tasty…

7) Peanut butter cups

You know those well-known peanut butter cups that are already pretty amazing in every way? Well, ever thought about deep frying them? Thinking about oozy, melty peanut butter? Us too.

8) Burgers

While this might seem like the stuff of dreams, some crazy chap has actually created this masterpiece for real. He’s even included a recipe so you can make this deep fried delight yourself.