That feeling you get when you grab the last seat on a crowded train… #minifistpump. When you get that text that says, ‘Takeaway tonight?’ #minifistpump. When you win a set at one of the biggest tennis events in the world? #minifistpump.

That’s right, the mini fist pump looks set to return to Centre Court over the next two weeks and regain its crown as the ultimate mini victory gesture, all led by our favourite British champ.

Using our very mathematical and scientific method*, we tallied up at least 1,000 mini fist pumps last year, so this time around we’ve decided to keep our own live tally so you can get involved too.

If you’re tuning in this year, why not join our victory count? Join us on Twitter during every Murray match and keep a live count with us.


*Ordering in loads of pizza, watching hours of tennis.