Because a robot’s for life, not just for dinnertime…

Thank you for your interest in our pioneering new Robocare venture. For those not yet familiar with our fleet of Starship Technologies delivery robots, more information can be found here.

We have been busy since we did the first live Just Eat delivery with Starship in Greenwich last December, and now we’re expanding all across London (you might have seen our little friends delivering takeaway on the streets of Lewisham and Southwark).

As the team rapidly grows with a view to a nationwide roll-out, we need more volunteers in London to welcome a robot into their home. It is important that they feel loved and supported as they integrate into society. This not only marks the beginning of a new phase in technology, but also the coming together of human and bot towards a harmonious future for food-delivery.


“Fetch’ is a mid-level trick for you to attempt once you’ve built rapport with your robot. Small treats will aid your training, but burgers will seal the deal.” (Alfie Dew from Blackheath)

Your care will have a lasting impact on one of our delivery bots, and guide their personal development. We’re also confident that the relationship will add value to your life, a robot in the home is a great companion. They are extremely tidy, and even though they can’t cook, they always deliver when it comes to delicious take-out.


“Don’t be afraid to show your sensitive side. Robots need to learn to open up emotionally, as well as physically. Given time, they’re surprisingly sensitive.” (Lil Tenderness from Greenwich)


“Robots have an innate fear of water. In order to come to terms with large bodies of water, your physical and emotional support will be required. You can’t hold their hand, but you can lead and they’ll follow.” (Walter Cross from Southwark)

Does this sound like you? The perfect adoptive owner will be:

  • Able to accommodate for a small house guest
  • Passionate about home-delivered food
  • Responsible & reliable
  • Interested in tech
  • Loving & patient

You will play a pivotal role in helping your adopted robot learn to:

  • Fetch, sit, and stay on command
  • Open up physically, and emotionally
  • Overcome rush hour, puddles and micro-scooters
  • Live harmoniously with humans and animals

Each member of the fleet is unique, so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect addition to your home.


“Our robot became an integral part of our family unit. We were worried he may fall in with the wrong crowd in his teenage years, but his pals are actually really good boys” (Lavinia Longthyme from Lewisham)

To apply please click here. Applicants must be 18 or over.