Somebody’s done the impossible.

They’ve combined alcohol and pizza in a way that doesn’t involve staggering home on a night out with a 10-inch pepperoni.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘JUST EAT, seriously, it’s a pizza – you can’t improve perfection. Now please stop pouring vodka on my olives and get out of my house.’

Well, first of all, the door was unlocked when we arrived. And more importantly, don’t be ridiculous – alcohol pizza is important. Moon landing important.

It’s the work of an American pizzeria, Salvatore’s in Boston. Head chef Victor Paone was experimenting with toppings – namely, dried Italian cherries.

“We cooked them, and they were too tough. Obviously, we had to soak them a little, so I decided to soak them in raspberry vodka.” Clever man. We now suspect that his standard response to all his problems may simply be – “This isn’t working. We need to soak it in raspberry vodka.” Seems like sound advice!

vodka pizza

The pizzas are now so alcoholic (or ‘alcohol infused’ if you’re talking ‘proper’) that patrons have to produce ID before they’re even allowed to buy their pizza.

Seems a bit drastic, but Paone points out that the alcohol doesn’t actually ‘cook off’ while the pizzas are being cooked. “You don’t get that blast of alcohol […] but you can definitely taste it.” Now you’ve got even less reason to share that 15 inch pizza.

But it’s not just a gimmicky pizza with booze-soaked cherries. The whole pizza sounds delicious. The rest of the pizza’s toppings include prosciutto, blue cheese, honey and mozzarella. Amazing.

The popularity of the pizza has inspired the creation of a few more boozy pizzas. They’ve since introduced two more to their menu.

The first is the spectacularly named ‘Drunken Pig’. It’s braised porked marinated in Kahlua, plus caramelised apples, spicy honey and ricotta. Kahlua-marinated braised pork is probably the most inspiring pizza topping we’ve ever heard.

The other is the decidedly less porky ‘Calabria Peach’. It’s rum-soaked peaches, with marscapone, basil and mozzarella.

Just put the pizza on the table and take my money already!