Heard how we’re connecting tech to your favourite dishes? We’re on a mission to make discovering your next dish even more exciting by introducing new ways for you to order your favourites.

From apps to Apple Watches or delivering meals by robots, we get pretty excited when it comes to making ordering food easier. Here’s the top ways to order on Just Eat:

  1. Just Eat app: Since introducing our app, we’ve made ordering even easier. Browse menus, search for eateries, save your card details and even reorder your favourite meals, all in a few taps. If you don’t have it yet, find out on what else you’re missing out on.
  2. Amazon Echo: We’ve brought ordering and voice recognition together with the help of Amazon Echo. Try it out by asking “Alexa, ask Just Eat to reorder Dum Sum” or “Alexa, ask Just Eat where’s my food?”. So next time you fancy your favourite food, you can simply ask. No searching, no tapping, just chatting.
  3. Xbox One: We know that when it comes to gaming, every second counts. Whether it’s a refuel while you respawn or a case of mid-match munchies, never miss a minute of the action. Make sure to feed your focus.
  4. Chatbot: Fancy trying something new tonight? Ask our new Facebook Chatbot. Forget searching reviews or texting a friend for a recommendation, just head to Facebook Messenger, find us and ask our Chatbot to recommend something tasty in your area. You can even do it using just emojis…
  5. VR: The Future? As if robots weren’t enough, we’ve also been working on some pretty cool projects behind the scenes too. From virtual reality to holographic buffets (no, really), we’re bringing takeaway and tech together like no one else…

All of this future talk got you in the mood to order your next meal?