We’ve got two new words for your food vocabulary. Use in times of severe food-tantilisation, mouth-watering bite anticipation, and post-curry appreciation.


CHAR•GAN•TU•AN /ˈtʃɑːɡantjʊən/
a formidable amount of mouth-watering meat; once started impossible to stop until plate/platter is empty


LIP•ZANG•LING /lɪpzaŋɡlɪŋ/
(of spicy food) causing a lingering, tingling sensation on the lips

Be it sticky ribs or or a juicy ribeye – sometimes meat deserves a description befitting of its size and addictive qualities. A mouthful of chargantuan meat deserves to be eaten with hands quickly, and messily. Meat sweats are welcome.

But then there’s the recap – that post-meal moment we all take to sit back and think about what we’ve just devoured. Next time you’re reliving lipzangling times gone by, embrace the sensation and allow yourself a spicy smile.