It’s been a whole 22 years since Jurassic Park hit our cinema screens, and this time we’ve got a hybrid dinosaur to contend with…

To celebrate, we got thinking about some of our favourite takeaways that could do with a bit of a mash-up…


A combination of Chinese noodles and pizza, this dish combines two of the most popular takeaway dishes… never be torn between your beloved chow mein and margherita again… (As you can see, we already had a go at this one)

CVhinese Pizza

Sweet ‘n’ sushi

Drench your sushi favourites in sweet ‘n’ sour sauce for a tasty Asian fusion. Serve over your favourite noodle dish to really finish it off.


A bit like a Calzone, only stuffed with Mexican goodness and filled to bursting with globs of salsa, guacamole and sour cream… Use your pizza as you would a tortilla and stuff to your heart’s content. For the ultimate finish, add nachos too for extra crunch.


You know the drill… you really want a burger, but you’re craving a kebab too. What’s the solution? Order both and create the magnificent keb-urger. Featuring a kebab skewer sandwiched between a burger, it’s the perfect solution to your takeaway dilema.

Hot chicken dog

Because in your average hot dog, there’s just not enough meat, right? Top yours with some hot ‘n’ spicy chicken for a meaty kick and an awesome takeaway fusion. If you’re feeling really brave, check out these ‘Dausages’… A doughnut, sausage mash-up guaranteed to get your taste-buds tingling. They’re a takeaway hybrid all on their own…


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