Black Friday, eh? You could go join the high-street hordes to hunt for a bargain – but it’s wild out there. Wild, we tell you.

And the queuing. Oh, the queuing. We’ll be 3D-printing pizza by the time you get to the checkout.

Resist this madness. The best deals are all online anyway, so you may as well don your house-trousers, whack the heating up and order in some tasty food as you scour the interwebs. Yeah? Yeah.

True, it’s called Black Friday, but we’re not going to be literal. Instead, let us whet your appetite with the most colourful dishes for your sofa-based bargain-hunting.


A California roll is a fine-lookin’ morsel. Plump orange salmon and creamy green avo, with paper-white rice and dark nori wrapping. Easy on the eye, tasty on the tongue.


Pile on the veggies, and you’ve got yourself a dinner that’s almost every colour of the rainbow (except blue – civilisation hasn’t yet got far enough to give us a blue food that won’t taste weird on pizza).


The most popular guest at any party? Guacamole, obviously. And it’s even better when it brings its best mate salsa. Add some coriander (aka cilantro if you’re that way inclined), sour cream and red onion. Job’s a good’un.


Experience tells us that a colourful burger is an especially tasty burger. The more ingredients – crisp green lettuce, juicy red tomato, crunchy purple onion – the more mouthwatering joy. Many burgers were eaten in the pursuit of this knowledge.

So, there you go. A veritable rainbow of tasty dinner options that’ll have you thanking yourself for your infinite wisdom in staying in this Black Friday. May your house-trousers be soft, your sofa warm and your fingers fast, to bag those deals in comfort.