The greatest of drool-inducing, lip-licking flavour moments deserve to be described properly. Throw out dull, overused words like ‘delicious’ and use these instead.

CRUNCH•CRACK•CLE /krʌn(t)ʃˈkrak(ə)l/
A cracking jumble of crispy textures in one noisy mouthful

BE•JERK•IN /bɪˈdʒəːkɪn/
(exclamation) used to express the ultimate praise for jerk-flavoured anything. “Damn, this chicken is bejerkin’!”

Don’t be afraid to let your crunchcrackle out. Savour every crispy mouth movement, enjoy crunching down, deafen the people around you.

It would be insulting to call truly bejerkin food anything else. So when you’re tongue touches the best of that tantalising seasoning, shout it loud and proud.