DealsPosted on 22.03.2017

Win a slice of £2,500 for your uni society or club

We love a good feast at Just Eat – the late night pizza run, the Friday night curry, those ‘this burger won’t beat me’ moments. We also love uni societies and clubs and want to help with one of the biggest challenges of all – funds.

So, we’ve created the Just Eat Feast Off, pitting societies and clubs at your uni against each other to win cash giveaways, Just Eat vouchers and a tasty slice of a £2,500 prize every term (round one starts on 23 March until 31 May).

First and foremost, your society or club will need to get 10 orders on the board to activate its entry. Then, every time a member of your society or club orders with Just Eat, your slice of the pie goes up. We’ll then total up all of your orders on 31 May and convert your score into cold hard cash for your society to spend on something special.

The contenders

This Feast Off is open to the first 10 societies to sign-up from the following universities:

University of Liverpool- [email protected]
University of Birmingham- [email protected]
Nottingham Trent University – [email protected]
University of Leeds – [email protected]
Leeds Beckett University- [email protected]
University of Manchester – [email protected]
Manchester Metropolitan University- [email protected]
University of Warwick – [email protected]
University of Bristol- [email protected]
University of the West of England- [email protected]

Not signed up? Get your society captain on it now or send an email to the relevant address above for further information.

Also up for grabs…

Along the way you can tuck into some other great treats as you rack up the orders.

There’s only a limited number of prizes per uni, so hurry before they go.

THREE x £250 cash prizes
FIVE x £150 cash prizes
TEN x £100 Just Eat vouchers

So, go forth and order.