You know us by now – if there’s a way to make ordering delicious, fresh food easier or faster, we’re all over it.

That’s why we invest in futuristic technology like virtual and augmented reality, robots, artificial intelligence and bringing the Just Eat app to even more devices than we do already.

On Tuesday, we thought we’d show the world what we’re up to at an event called Just Eat: The Future Now – Reimagining food discovery. Boasting more toys for big girls and boys than your average department store at this time of year, it gave a glimpse into how we’re using technology to improve things for you, us and our restaurant partners alike.

Virtual reality – actual benefits

Take the virtual reality system we’re experimenting with: it gives the restaurants you see on Just Eat a unique perspective of their business, providing a bird’s eye view of orders that can highlight patterns, order hot spots and opportunities for growth. It’s just one of the ways we’re giving restaurants insights into their business that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. And as virtual reality becomes more accessible (it’s already something you can enjoy on many Android phones) and less expensive, it’s easy to imagine how restaurant owners could use it to help figure out how to make their business more successful.

Forget the menu, go for the holographic buffet

What’s better than virtual reality? Augmented reality, that’s what – and if it’s not something you’re familiar with, think of it like the virtual and actual worlds merging. We’re the first food technology business to be investigating things like Microsoft’s mind-boggling HoloLens. A headset with a visor you look through, it generates holographic images that are then overlaid on your view of the real world. How would you rather choose your next meal: reading text from a menu on your phone, or hand-picking the dishes from a photo-realistic, holographic buffet on your dining table? (We can’t wait for the smelly-vision upgrade.)

Ok, that might still be a little way off… But there are plenty of exciting and increasingly convenient ways of ordering food right now, whatever you’re in the mood for.

New ways to order

The newest Just Eat apps are taking up residence in your living room. From this coming December and January respectively, you’ll be able to order food straight from your Microsoft Xbox One games console and Apple TV system for the ultimate games or movie night in. And the Apple TV app introduces a funky new group ordering feature where your family and friends can each pick from a menu on their iPhone, adding the dishes and drinks they want to the group order that’s open on the Apple TV.

And let’s not forget our recently-announced Just Eat skill for Amazon Alexa and the Amazon Echo and Dot devices, which lets you order your favourite meals just by asking for them. Or the delivery robots that we’re currently piloting in Greenwich, London, as we get them ready to take the capital’s streets by storm (and the rest of the UK later on).

And that’s not all…

We also showed off our Facebook Messenger chatbot that will help you find your flavour, and a new customer care chatbot so customers can get the best service and support around the clock.

What a wonderful world we live in. You can see how it all went down and join in the discussion using the hashtag #JETheFutureNow on your favourite social networks.