What better way to start 2017 than with your best meal of the year… so far. Surprise yourself by discovering more exciting flavours… It’s easier than you think too.

Little steps at first. For instance, if you love pizza why not try some different or more exotic toppings? Pizza is a versatile dish where you can dial up and down the taste, heat and texture just by what ingredients go on top. Whether it’s jalapenos for an extra kick or just mushrooms for your margherita you can be sure we’ve got you covered. Feeling the need for cheese? Jazz up your dish with a stuffed crust or if you’re feeling particularly bold, why not try some goat’s cheese…

If you’re longing for a Chinese, swap out your chow mein for dim sum – little bite-sized parcels of deliciousness steamed or fried. And because of the small portions you can sample many different flavours at any one time. Dim Sum translates as ‘to touch the heart’, and that’s just what these mini pillows of flavour do.

Or perhaps you want an Indian. Try some new flavours next time around – if your signature dish is consistently korma, try turning up the heat a bit more. Sample the subcontinent’s cuisine from a different region instead. Did you know some of the best vegetarian meals to be had are from India – how’s that for healthy, and tasty?

So make this year’s resolution one you’ll want to keep. Make some exciting food discoveries. Starting today with your best meal of the year.