School’s out, the sun is shining and the heat is sizzling. Forget about flying to some far flung land and let the holiday come to you. It’s easy: take a picture of your street and Instagram it with the caption ‘Costa del …[town name]’, stock up on suncream, fold out your deckchair, and bosh, you’ve successfully transformed your backyard into a tropical haven. The question now is, which exotic destination is it meant to be? Well, order yourself one of the dishes below and take your selfmade oasis to the next level.

Pad see ew (Thailand)

Whether you choose the vegetarian option or throw in some meat, one bite of these delish, saucy noodles will teleport you to the white beaches of Phuket. And why not add in a Som Tam salad? It’s fresh, a little bit spicy and bursting with flavour perfect for the weather.

Pasta (Italy)

Get a taste of the dolce vita from your sofa. We suggest some high quality Italian spag bol and pasta carbonara. Whether you prefer a tomato-based sauce or something so creamy it feels a lil naughty – one bite of these pasta dishes and you’ll picture yourself zipping through the Italian countryside.

Tacos (Mexico)

Let’s taco ‘bout Tex Mex, baby. No need for the 9-hour flight, just order yourself some tacos and Mexico is right on your doorstep, ready to be savoured with a bit of extra salsa and sour cream. Smokey meat wrapped in a crunchy tortilla and topped off with smooth guac and extra cheese… if that’s not a fiesta in your mouth, we don’t know what is.

Gyros (Greece)

Upgrade your classic kebab and get yourself a gyros. Sink your teeth into the perfectly grilled meat, let the tzaziki sauce gush out of the soft pita bread and watch as your paddling pool magically transforms into the crystalline adriatic sea. Add a Greek feta salad to your order and you might as well be in Santorini singing ‘here we go again.’

BBQ spare ribs (USA)

Nothing screams USA more than a barbecue of pork spare ribs and smoky beef ribs that are cooked to absolute perfection. If you really want to get in the mood, throw on a cowboy hat, your best Western boots and say ‘yee-haw’ as you get wild with all that meaty goodness.