It might be the 89th Academy Awards this weekend, but we’ve only got eyes on awarding your favourite flavours.

Think your naan bread deserves a little more recognition for its curry-mopping-up duties? Or is it time your favourite side dish gets its name in lights? We’ll be tracking your most ordered dishes using the below criteria and blogging about your flavourites next week.

The Flavour Academy Awards

Best Side Dish in a Leading Role – most ordered side as a main
Best Supporting Roll – most ordered bread dish
Best Greenplay – most ordered vegetable dish
Best Newcomer – most unique dish ordered
Hottest Release – most ordered curry
Dinnermatography – most ordered dinner dish
Best Producktion – most ordered duck dish

All you need to do is keep eating the food you love, or why not try something new? We’ll do the rest here back at Flavour Academy HQ.


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