Well the weather forecast is out for the weekend, and quite frankly, it stinks. Not worked out why? Well it’s the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday and that means cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

Our fromage specialists here at Just Eat HQ are expecting the cheese-wave to start in Kiev, Ukraine, who are hosting the weekend’s competition. But it won’t stop there. God no.

The stench looks set to sweep over the continent at quite an alarming rate. Switzerland say they’re preparing for a rather nutty performance full of holes, and a strong Bries is expected across the channel from late Saturday afternoon.

So, there’s no time for board games this weekend (unless we’re talking cheeseboards), it’s all about switching on the TV and tucking into an oozacious favourite of yours to mark the occasion.

One thing’s for sure, after finishing 24th out of 26 last year, the UK’s Lucie Jones should record a Feta score than we’re used to. Oh come on…