What more can a man do than declare his love for a cheeky chicken curry? Is there anything more magical?

In a review posted for Saffron Dial a Curry, Castilian Street, Northampton a Just Eat customer made the most romantic act we’ve ever seen, he offered his beloved Mango Chicken curry a hand in marriage. While we know little about the mystery Northampton man, luckily for him Just Eat take declarations of love very seriously.

According to Saffron Dial a Curry, the ‘hot’ bride-to-be is ready and waiting at the altar, so Just Eat want to do everything to make this mango chicken marriage come true.

Mr. Right, (all we know is his name is Luke) and his bride-to-be will receive a show stopping service where they will exchange their ‘vow-frezis’ and live in matrimony happily ever after (as well as a free takeaway at Saffrons Restaurant to the value of £250 as a wedding present 😛 )

So far, Just Eat have not heard from the Northampton Knight but is hoping love will help him step forward and accept the proposal. Owner Naz Islam even expressed his concern for finding the Mango Chicken’s husband to be, he said “Our fruity Mango Chicken is a customer favourite, but she’s been left waiting at the altar – and now we’re looking for her Mr Right to step forward. If you left the review please get in touch to organise your ceremony – we promise it will be a spicy day to remember.”

Are you our Northampton Knight?

If you left the review, please contact: justeat@golin.com

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