It’s that time again, the Eurovision final takes place in Lisbon this Saturday 12 May and at Just Eat we are BUZZING. In fact, we had so much fun watching last year that we started to wonder what it would be like to dress up as a Eurovision contestant ourselves….

Enter the Just Eat Euro-vision character builder. It’s time to get creative with your dressing and build your dream Just Eat performer in a few simple swipes. Even better, we’ll be rewarding the best outfit and performer name combos with free takeaway!

Click here to turn your Euro-vision into a reality

We’re not talking beards, swingable plaits and some of the other craziness that’s come out of the last few Eurovision Song Contests. We’re keeping it classy; with onion ring eyes, ice cream coats and Sushi skirts. Yeah, you heard.

How do I enter?

Follow the below steps to be in with a chance of winning Just Eat giveaways. What are you waiting for?

  • Download or screengrab your Euro-vision character
  • Click the Twitter or Facebook buttons below
  • Upload your image and name your character
  • Use the hashtag #JustEatOVision

And don’t forget to order something equally as colourful just in time for the first song…

Read More about Eurovision

Love it or hate it, Eurovision is on the way. Will you be having a night in to watch it unfold?

This year marks the 63rd edition of the contest, which will be held in Lisbon. It will include 43 countries battling it out for a chance to be crowned champion.

The UK has actually been victorious 5 times since 1959 and as well as Sweden, is the only Country to win in all 4 decades. That’s not to say it’s all been plain sailing.

Back in 2003, Jemini managed to do us proud for all the wrong reasons, by securing zero points. This particularly impressive feat resulted in the biggest loss in the history of the entire competition. The UK has also claimed last place in both 2008 and 2010. Our Irish friends have been the most successful, scooping the top prize no less than 7 times. A World record.

Whoever eventually takes the crown, one thing is certain, there will be many memorable moments.

In the past, animals have been banned from appearing on stage. Back in 1980, Norway’s chosen song was about the construction of a hydro-electric power station. Exciting stuff indeed.

The 1983 Turkish Eurovision entry, consisted solely of the word ‘Opera’ being sung for the song’s duration. It was imaginatively titled ‘Opera.’

If you’re planning to have company as you watch it all unfold, there are a few things you could do to enhance the experience. For one thing, you could require fancy dress. Kilts, clogs or even lederhosen to really get the party started. If nothing else, it will at least guarantee a bit of a laugh. Particularly if only one of your guests takes the dress code request seriously.

When it comes to dinner arrangements for the big event, look no further than your friends at Just Eat. Whether you fancy sharing a piping hot pizza, or settling down with a sizzling selection of chinese dishes, we have everything you could want.

Time to sing for your supper! Or, just use the app for a similar result.