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Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 15.26.59We’ve teamed up with the wine experts over at Virgin Wines to get your festive season off to a flying start. We’ve launched an exciting new partnership to help you make the most of your takeaway treats – and to help you get to grips with your grapes, they’ve written this blog for us and paired their top wines with your favourite festive treats…

Getting everyone together for the festive season? The first thing you’ll need to do is decide what you’re having for dinner… but what about drinks? We’ve got you covered on that front too. Whether you’re choosing a crowd pleasing Chinese meal or a family favourite chippy tea, check out which wines will perfectly complement your favourite flavours.


Chinese food

The variety of flavours on offer from your favourite Chinese food means matching a single wine can be difficult. So we recommend you go for a couple to keep everyone happy and your dishes in check.
Racing_Zeppelins_Chenin_Blanc_Z36942101414Billy_Bosch_Swartland_Pinotage_Shiraz_Z36212100009There’s always an array of savoury spice, sweet ‘n’ sour, the warmth of chilli and of course a mix of meat, fish and veggies. Therefore, no single wine fits the bill. Racing Zeppelins Chenin Blanc is a great quality wine from South Africa. This will pair up nicely with your sweet and sour chicken and pork balls, cutting through rich sauce and dense batter thanks to its natural freshness. It will also tame the heat of your spicy beef and black beans with its sweet, apricot fruit. Dishes like five spice ribs and crispy duck can handle a medium red, and we’re going to stick in South Africa with Billy Bosch Swartland Pinotage Shiraz, where a classic blend of dark, fruity Pinotage and peppery Shiraz works a treat.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips

A chippy tea is a British institution. And when it’s good, it takes some beating. The tannins in red wines tend to overpower the flavours of fish, so whether you go for cod, plaice or a battered snag you’ll want a white wine to go with it. When choosing a white you’ll need to pick a wine with high acidity to cut through the oily fish and cleanse the palate.

The_Black_Pig_SB_Z36689102291Look no further than our Black Pig Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes are grown in the hills above Adelaide keeping things cool and preserving the freshness in the grapes. This altitude is vital as without these cooler conditions the grapes over ripen, and the finished wines are flabby and lack intensity. Thankfully our guys in Oz know the right spots for each grape and this is citrus fresh with gooseberry fruit that will cut through your salt and vinegar splashed goodies from your favourite chippy.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Try it for yourself with a 12 bottle case of expertly selected wines including a bottle of prosecco – yours for only £49.99+p&p (usually £114.88) – and enjoy £10 to spend on your favourite dishes too.

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Meet the team…

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These wines were brought to you by Andrew Baker, Dave Robert and Alex Davies – Wine Buying experts at Virgin Wines. What a great bunch…