The low down on five tasty plates you’d be madras not to try…

Let’s start with the  Bhindi Bhaji

Originally from the Gujarat region of India, this dish has two names and is sometimes called Bhindi Masala. It’s perfect if you fancy something lighter and healthier. And veggies and vegans rejoice – the protagonist of this dish is Okra (the veggie otherwise known as ‘Ladies Fingers’). Fat and cholesterol free we feel healthier just writing about it.

What’s in a Bhindi Bhaji?

Okra, tomato, cumin and coriander.

What does a Bhindi Bhaji really taste like?

Fresh, light and spicy.

Up next is Fish Pathia

Pathia, is related to the Dhansak. It comes from traditional Persian cooking and used to be made for special occasions such as weddings. But now it is eaten whenever. Like, tonight?

What’s in a Fish Pathia?

Fresh green chillies, dried red chillies, tomatoes and jaggery (a mix of cane sugar and lime juice).

What does a Fish Pathia really taste like?

The Pathia is both sour and spicy, so fab if you enjoy unusual combos.


We also think you should try the Saag Aloo

Saag Aloo is just one type of Saag that is eaten on the Indian subcontinent, especially in the Punjab region. Saag refers to the spinach base that supports the other ingredients and spices added to the curry.

What’s in a Sag Aloo?

Spinach (‘saag’) and potato (‘aloo’), chillies and ghee (Indian butter).

What does Sag Aloo taste like?

Mild and veggie but nourishing and filling.

And have you hear about Lamb Balti?

Hey fact fans, ‘Balti’ means ‘bucket’, referring to the thin pressed-steel wok that it’s cooked and served in (one for the pub quiz). The Balti is Popular in Pakistan, North West India and… Birmingham.

What’s in a Lamb Balti?

Stir-fried meat, vegetables, fresh tomato sauce. But veggies and vegans can swap the meat out.

What does a Lamb Balti really taste like?

Fabulously tasty but not too spicy. Like a nice warm hug.

Last but not least, ever tried the rich Sambar curry?

Legend has it that Sambar was created in the royal kitchen of Shahu I, the ruler of Thanjavur in the early 17th century. Apparently the chef decided to experiment with a new recipe.

What’s in a Sambar curry?

Lentils, tamarind and tomato or carrot.

What does a Sambar Curry taste like?

Hearty, warming and kinda sweet. It’s a lentil stew with vegetables that is usually eaten with ‘Dosas’, a kind of South Indian crepe, or ‘Idlis’, which are steamed rice cakes.

C’mon, you have to be hungry now. We’re off to order everything and mix it up to create a brand new dish called Yum.