It’s finally here. It has arrived. And boy is it going to be good. Yes, the 2018/19 Premier League season is about to kick off and we’re buzzing.

Our appetite was whet by a scintillating world cup. The pre-season friendlies and transfer gossip acted as appetisers and now we’re hungry for the main course: 38 games of football that will keep us entertained until next May, starting from now. And such an occasion deserves the perfect set up.

So as you settle down on your sofa ensure the essential tick list is complete: sun shining? Check. Cold pint to your right? Check. Fantasy squad selected? Check. Three men in tight shirts over-analysing meaningless stats on the telly? Yep, must be time for kick off. But don’t forget the main ingredient… the match day food. Oh, you’re unsure what to eat? Fear not, check out the five perfect dishes to celebrate the start of another glorious football season.


The quintessential footie food. Perfect for sharing with endless varieties and great to effortlessly tuck into without removing your eyes from the screen.

Whether you’re after a classic cheesy margherita, a meaty pepperoni or the ever controversial hawaiian, you can’t really go wrong with an order from your favourite pizzeria.


Is there anything better than delighting in a thick, juicy burger and chips whilst watching the match?

We suggest getting the full squad involved: load up on the extra onion rings, grab a good selections of dips and never forget to bring on the bacon and extra cheese.


Yes they are a bit fiddly, but they’re great for pacing yourself. And if you’ve got pals round, why not grab a selection and mix ‘n’ match? From the traditional buffalo wings to the more outrageous chilli and garlic wings, Almond-crusted, Miso-glazed or even Pineapple-teriyaki we have quite a selection on Just Eat.


Ahh the roast. A proper Sunday tradition. But with the football on, who has time to cook it? Fortunately for you, we have an army of chefs ready to not only rustle up the finest Sunday feast, but deliver straight to your door too. All you have to do is concentrate on the sporting action.


Another staple dish for the football. No frills, just simple, unfiltered entertainment. Take delight as you tackle the gloriously grilled chicken, feel the kick of the chilly sauce and make the most of the chips on the side.

All of the above
And for the ultimate match day formation, why not get all the above? Cheeky.