12:29:57… 12:29:58…12:29:59… 12:30:00!

You’ve made it. You’re two cuppas, a snack and a meeting deep, but you’ve done it. You’re past half way. You reached lunch time. You’re already salivating, dreaming about the endless possibilities and combinations of food that you can consume in the most glorious half hour of your working day.

What will it be? A pizza burger? Chip and fishes, like, you know a HUGE chip and lot’s of little fish? Ooh, yeah, that’s a great idea. Or maybe a noodle burrito wrapped in cheese with salsa and nachos and poached eggs and… And then it dawns on you, it comes crashing down like a Monday morning… none of those things exist. You literally wasted your entire morning thinking about food too advanced for humanity in 2018. Meanwhile, Janice has whipped out 4 different Tupperware boxes (all pink with sparkles on them) and started assembling what can only be described as an Instagram post.

Whilst to your left, Tom has just come back from the supermarket with a bag of… well, a bag of beige. There’s no other way to describe it other than dry, plain beige. Lightly salted crisps, a white cheese sandwich and a tea with too much milk in it.

And then there’s you, stuck in the middle. If only you’d planned and not dreamed.

Well luckily for you, whilst we’ve not yet mastered the Pizza Burger or the Chip and Fishes, we’ve shortlisted the three best lunches you can order straight to your office that not only look great, but will also set your mouth alight with flavour:


Beans? Check. Salad? Check. Meat? You bet. Smother all of that in salsa and a dash of guacamole before wrapping it up in a tortilla and you have a lunch of champions – also known as the Burrito. Whether you prefer it extra hot or with a side of nachos, the burrito’s great to munch on the go or at your desk and will keep you going for the rest of the day.


It might be a grey, rainy day and you need something warm that will pick you up and give you the push you need to see the day through. Hey Presto (or pesto, if you’re into that), enter Pasta. Have it with pesto, tomato sauce, with meat or with extra cheese. Pasta doesn’t mind how you consume it. It will hold your hand regardless and turn your frown upside down.

Falafel Salad

Want something that’s fresh but also gives you that ‘mmhmmm yeah’ feeling? Then the Falafel Salad is your best bet. Juicy tommies, crunchy lettuce, red cabbage, a Jalapeño or two for the braver ones amongst you, some couscous and a healthy dollop of hummus, topped by the all important chickpea falafels (still steaming, straight from the oven) and you have a colourful plate bursting with flavour.

Boom. We challenge you to find better lunch options that will come literally knocking at your office door.