Rak-Su, last year’s winners of The X Factor, came back to the show two weeks ago to stage an epic performance of their latest single, I Want You to Freak.

Ex-winners like Rak-Su are the reason we’re so proud to sponsor The X Factor this year, especially since they won 2017’s show with “Mamacita”, a hit which featured our favourite ever lyric, “Mama I see ya / So we can wrap it up like a fajita”. Goes to show that Just Eat and The X Factor really are the dream Saturday night combo, right? And with Just Eat’s Xtra Bites, you can catch all the exclusive behind the scenes footage of the X factor right here.

A year later and they’re back with a brand new music video for their hot new single – I Want You To Freak, which you can catch on the Rak-Su Youtube channel. It makes you imagine where the likes of Dalton Harris or Shan might be in a couple of years’ time. Rak-Su are known for their catchy rhymes, upbeat songs and choreography, and in their new video, their moves don’t disappoint. You can feel the colourful, tropical vibes as Rak-Su take their unique sound and style to the Caribbean, so good you can almost taste the jerk spices.

Time to look forward to a weekend of The X Factor and a tempting choice of delicious takeaways ready to order in food on the Just Eat app. Whether you’re ordering something hot and spicy for bonfire night or you go for your trusty usual, great times are just a tap away with Just Eat and The X Factor.