Workwear and streetwear are taking over the fashion world. Thanks to brands like Vetements and Off-White, DHL and Royal Mail uniforms are now selling for thousands of pounds. What a world we live in huh.

Anyway, this got us thinking. What if we could take our (already pretty swanky) delivery jacket from the driveways of the UK to something that could be worn on a Paris catwalk.

This is when our pals PAQ (pronounced P. A. Q) come in. For those not in the know, these four chaps are like like the Top Gear of Fashion. Swap the BBC for youtube, bootcut jeans for tracksuit bottoms and questionable paisley shirts for edgy oversized Ts and you get the picture.

We decided to task the boys to reinvent our driver jacket, and deliver something fresh. They could let their creativity run wild, as long as they followed three rules: incorporate our color ray, include our log and ensure it’s road safe.

Oh and to judge it, we got none other than fashion and streetwear guru Liam Hodges.

Curious to see how the lads got on? Have a look below.

And if you’re too impatient and just want to see the results, we got you covered too. Hit the button below and check out what the boys delivered.

Spoiler alert