The countdown to New Year’s Eve has begun and with it your frantic plans on how to make it a good ‘un are kicking in.

Do you stay in and avoid the madding crowds? Cosy up with few friends, or even family members – if you’re still speaking to each other after another ‘family’ Christmas that is. Or do you decide you want to lead that snaking conga down the high street whilst belting out Auld Lang Syne?

Either way, food is going to play an important role.

If you’re going out you’ll need to fuel-up for the riotous rigours ahead – and cooking is the last thing on your mind. So order in, with a tap of our app. Just as a whole new world of opportunities await your in 2017, a world of food discovery awaits you also. The world is your lobster, as Del Boy once famously said.

And for those of you that are giving the big collective public fun a swerve this year and instead have decided to await the bongs of Big Ben in the comfort of your own home, why not do so with something tasty for a change. Gather together around a meal to remember.

Put the memory of those flatulence-inducing, sulphurous sprouts behind you, along with the health and safety concerns when trying to put a flame to that brandy-soaked Christmas pud’. Make this your time, when you decide what to eat. Go off piste as it were and enjoy the best cuisines the kitchens in your area can cook up. No rules, no convention. Do and eat as you please.

All you have to decide is will it be chopsticks, fingers or a knife and fork experience? Let our app help you discover something different and delicious this year; before it’s too late.

Oh, and one more thing…appy New Year; whatever you’re doing, discovering or eating.