InspirationPosted on 10.03.2016

6 tips for ordering a healthier takeaway

Love takeaway but trying to keep your health in check? There’s loads of fantastic healthier options available on JUST EAT. From Lebanese to sushi, vegetarian to Vietnamese and more salad combos than you ever thought possible, making healthy choices has never been simpler.

But, if you can’t find a healthier cuisine in your area, or you’re just after a classic favourite, check out our top tips for making them a little healthier…


When ordering a Thai takeaway, you’ll find a wealth of healthy options waiting to be discovered, not least their aromatic soups and stir-frys.

Ordering a stir-fry or a soup makes for an excellent healthy takeaway choice, plus by adding nuts (like cashews and peanuts) it’s a super easy way to boost your intake of superfoods and variety of vegetables.

Opt for seafood as your protein choice if you rarely cook fish at home, or look for the fish options on the menu. You’ll find loads of steamed fish dishes with plentiful Asian greens.


Everybody loves pizza, but it’s when you load up a deep base with meaty toppings, extra cheese and stuffed crusts, you can see how it’s easy to rack up the calories.

Back in the day, Italians would whip up a pizza as a way of feeding the family with a filling, budget-friendly meal. Using a thin crusty base with they’d add a few veggie toppings, extra virgin olive oil, a good buffalo mozzarella and salad greens on the side to finish it off…

Ordered like that, you’re onto a good thing!


If you love spicy food, you’re in luck, because in order to make your takeaway a little healthier you’re going to need to step away from that korma and towards something a little hotter.

Spices are packed full of medicinal as well as nutritional benefits, (they’re actually classed as a superfood) so when you turn up the heat, you’re turning up the health benefits too.

If you want to be super-healthy, your best option is to choose a dish cooked in the Tandoor, as they tend to have less sauce but all the flavour of the spice rub and yoghurt used to marinate them.

Look for tandoori chicken or prawns and team them with a wholemeal roti, a lentil or bean dhal and a side salad.


Japanese food is notoriously healthy and it’s hard to go wrong here. Whilst sushi favourites and teriyaki dishes are healthy options, consider ordering in some extra veggies on the side, and remember to steer clear of deep fried options.

Seaweed makes an excellent choice as it’s packed with nutrients, or try a tofu or sashimi salad on the side instead. Avoid too much rice and opt for edamame or miso soup instead to bulk out your meal.


Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Italian food is packed with carbs… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Infact, many italian dishes are packed with nutrients and health benefits, as long as you’re aware of your portion sizes.

Choose tomato or extra virgin olive oil based sauces over the creamy ones, and choose lean meats or seafood to go with it plus a side salad.

Italian cuisine also includes loads of healthy herbs and spices, like rocket for example, which is bursting with vitamin K, vitamin C, carotenoid antioxidants, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, just watch out for too much cheese in your dishes, which can see your calorie count soar.


Love burgers? Don’t worry, they don’t have to be off the menu. Just make a few small tweaks and you can still enjoy your favourites.

If possible, pick a wholemeal bun and choose to add as many veggies as you can, perhaps some avocado in place of mayo, and a side salad instead of chips. You can even opt to leave the bun and pair it with extra salad.

A chicken fillet burger is also a healthy alternative, but check that it’s fresh and grilled. Or pick a veggie burger –  the beans and veggies included in these can be a great boost to your health.