InspirationPosted on 22.05.2019

Best takeaways to have in the hot weather

We know what you’re thinking, “Blimey, suns beating down a bit. What am I supposed to eat in this heat?” Worry not friends, we’re here to help you find your perfect takeaway come rain or shine.

Our hot weather advice is always this – get out there and enjoy it (with adequate sunscreen). But when it comes to food, don’t settle for sausages barbecued to a crisp, get adventurous with Just Eat (and take your takeaway outdoors too).

Take your tastebuds to central America

Mexican is up there with the very best warm weather foods. There’s something extra special about tucking into fajitas and nachos in the summer. Maybe it’s the sizzling grilled meats, the bursts of freshly-squeezed lime, or the opportunity to follow any dish with a frozen margarita.
But don’t limit yourself to just fajitas. Think tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Think guacamole, salsa, and soured cream. The combinations are nearly endless and make for the perfect takeaway picnic. And the best bit? This sunshine friendly cuisine also paves the way for afternoon siesta. ¡Arriba!

BBQ Food

Ah yes, the humble barbecue. One of summer’s greatest dinnertime tools when used skilfully. So before you pop to the supermarket and pick up a disposable, consider ordering from a true grillmaster.
We’re talking someone who can slow-cook a full rack of ribs then BBQ glaze them to perfection, flame-grill a burger exactly the way you like it, toast buns to just the right shade of gold. And don’t forget the fries, coleslaw, and chargrilled barbecued corn either. Finger-licking stuff.

Turkish Food

Light, herby, and… on sticks. The charcoal-grilled meats of Turkish kebabs make for a perfect summer meal. But there’s plenty more on the menu to make a takeaway picnic that the whole family can enjoy.
Looking for something meaty? You won’t go wrong with the citrusy, smokey taste of chicken shish. The marinated, flame-licked meats are hold-me-back good. On the veg front, opt for a Baklali Enginar – peeled artichokes in oil and lemon juice, served with beans and fresh parsley. Delicious and healthy!

Indian Food

If you thought Indian was a winter comfort food, think again. You’ve heard of an Indian summer, right? Bring some sunshine to dinnertime with a vibrant Keralan style curry. It’s packed full of cauliflower, chickpeas and pineapple, giving this dish a lovely sweet finish.
And for something a little out there, but totally delicious, try a Mango Lassi. This Indian milkshake is made from honey, lime and yoghurt. It’s the perfect accompaniment for dinner al fresco.

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