InspirationPosted on 30.01.2014

Chinese Takeaway Boxes: You’re Doing It Wrong

You think you know Chinese takeaway boxes, right? Wrong.

These little devils have been hiding a secret from us the whole time. Those crafty motherhubbards at FoodBeast have made a discovery. We’ve tried to keep this under wraps for as long as we can, but the chow mein’s out of the bag.

You might want to sit down for this, ’cause it’s a big one: We’ve been using Chinese takeaway boxes wrong the whole time. They fold out into a plate. All you need to do is start taking the thing apart, and you have a handy paper plate for your Chinese takeaway. This is going to change the way we eat Chinese takeaway.

Check out FoodBeast’s demonstration here:

We know. You’re as surprised as we are. Our advice, as trained medical professionals*, is to order a Chinese takeaway and test this out for yourself.

via: FoodBeast

*We are definitely not trained medical professionals.