InspirationPosted on 12.10.2017

Need help choosing your curry? Say hi to the Curry Explorer

You’ve been here a hundred times before. Your mind is blank. You’ve been scrolling through a curry menu on your phone for a good 20 minutes without saying a word. Up and down, up and down… the more you scroll the more the words all start blurring into one. Then the panic slowly creeps in: you hear in the distance the muffled voices of your mates triumphantly stating their order. One by one they announce the magic words, the passwords that will get them that steaming, creamy plate of fresh curry. Dhansak, Phall, Jalfrezi, the list goes on and they all sound so good, yet so unfamiliar.

Then bang, it’s your go. Everyone is looking at you. But all you can do is stare blankly into the distance for what feels like an eternity. You can’t even remember your name. You absent-mindedly twiddle your finger on the phone’s touchscreen, in the vain hope something magic will happen. Nope, still a blur, you’re in trouble now. And then it comes to you. You do know your name. Your name is Josh. That’s it! JOSH! You belt this out to the room triumphantly, ‘josh…JOSH!’

Don’t be this guy

The puzzled looks assaulting you from around the room make you pause again. You realise you’re standing up, your legs wide apart and hands thrown back like some sort of 80s disco star. Someone to your right murmurs (there’s a hint of shame in their voice), ‘Rogan Josh. I think he wants a Rogan Josh.’

The order is made, two taps and done, it’s away. This is when it hits you. You’ve done it again, you accidentally ordered another Rogan Josh. Again. Everytime. Every. Single. Time. You’ve had 28 this year alone. The screen on your phone turns black and you catch your reflection staring back at you, not angry, just disappointed.

Now before we move on, there is nothing wrong, we repeat nothing wrong with a Rogan Josh, or a Tikka Masala, or a Korma for that matter. But why stop at one classic when there’s a whole crazy consortium of curries waiting just for you?

If only an online takeaway food delivery company beginning with J and finishing with T could make a handy tool to help you choose a curry, and call it The Curry Explorer. And if only the tool could take you from the standard Korma and lead you through the wonderfully exotic world of curries, helping you to find the right one by adjusting how sweet, fiery, saucy or tangy the dish is. If only…

Well, dear friend, we daresay you’re in luck. We happen to tick all of those boxes. Funny that, huh? Thanks to incredibly advanced tech, we have developed a little thing we like to call The Curry Explorer and it will take you on a journey of discovery straight to your perfect curry. Don’t believe us? Go on, click below, open the door and step into naania.

Show me the curry