InspirationPosted on 16.05.2014

Should you tip delivery drivers? 4 arguments for and against

How often do you tip delivery drivers?

Do you do tip at all? If not, why not?

The British have strict codes of conduct concerning when we will and when we won’t tip for service. We rarely tip barmen or the lady at the launderettes, but we love tipping our cabbies, waiters and hairdressers. When it comes to our takeaway delivery drivers, it seems only a third of us would tip our driver every time. How do we know? We did a survey!

At JUST EAT, a lot of us have worked in  jobs where tipping comes as standard, so we can appreciate both sides of the argument – the gratitude you feel when somebody rewards you for going that extra mile for them by giving you the extra big wedge of cake form the tray, but also the disappointment that comes with rudeness or mediocre service.

Obviously you should make your own decision! But we’ve come up with a few reasons for and against…


So why should you tip?

1. Generosity

Tipping is a pretty standard practice in a lot of the food industry and someone bringing your food to your doorstep is definitely something of a luxury. Why not give a small gratuity to the person that helped make your lazy night in a reality? So long as they’ve served you with a smile and due courtesy, of course.

2. Build a Relationship

By tipping someone at a restaurant, you’re developing a relationship with them. They’ll start to remember you as a regular, and a generous, customer. Think of it as showing your support for their restaurant and skills.

3. Improve Service

The other part is that it can help bring up standards across the board – if getting regular tips as a delivery driver becomes a serious possibility, then delivery drivers will do their best to make sure they get those tips! That means you get your food faster, and they get paid for making a bit of extra effort. Everybody wins.

4. Bonus Section: Bartenders!

If you want to be served quickly, always tip bar staff when you order your first drink. You’ll be served much quicker for the rest of the night! Totally besides the point, but it’s just good advice.

Why shouldn’t you tip?

1. New Restaurant

If a takeaway restaurant is consistently good – with food as well as delivery – we can understand why you might want to reward them. But if you’ve never ordered from them before, how can you know? The delivery may be perfect, but you won’t know if the food is up to scratch until you’re eating. Maybe hold off until you re-order. If it really was a good meal, don’t forget you can leave them a fantastic rating on JUST EAT after your meal and show others how great you think they do their takeaway thing.

2. Drivers are paid (but probably not very much)

This isn’t America, where delivery drivers are paid below minimum wage and have to be supplemented by the promise of tips – over here, you don’t have the obligation to make up for someone’s wages.

3. Reward for service

If tipping becomes automatic rather than something you do for exceptional service, then it could be argued that staff don’t feel they have to work to get tips. This means they don’t try as hard to impress you with the little touches.

4. Unfair to other staff

The delivery driver is just one small part of the chain that’s delivering your takeaway – what about the people who cooked your food? It’s not that likely your tip will be shared with them, unless ‘driver’ turns out to be a very honest and sharing soul indeed.

Do you tip?