InspirationPosted on 21.10.2016

The best chicken wings you’ve never had

Perfect for netflix nights, the football or for a saturday night in with pals and gals, nothing beats diving into a full plate of succulent wings covered in a variety of spicy, sweet and salty sauces. But forget blowing your tongue off with a ridiculously hot plate of napalm wings, there’s a whole range of unique chicken wings to choose from.

Tandoori & Naga wings

Everyone loves curry and everyone loves chicken wings. So it’s a mystery why it’s taken us thousands of years before humanity decided to combine the two. We’re thrilled to announce that if you’re reading this, then you’re lucky enough to live in the age of Curry Wings.

Curryhouses up and down the land are serving up expertly-seasoned curry inspired wings, such as the Tandoori flavoured wings on the menu at Tandoori Nites on East India Dock Road in London.

And if you like your chicken wings fired up and marinated in eye-watering chilli sauces then check out the range of Naga-infused wings and whole chicken pieces on the menu at the Peri Grill on Avery Hill Road in London.

Teriyaki wings

If you thought Japanese cuisine was just row upon row of delicious Sushi rolls and the odd bowl of ramen then think again. Teriyaki wings combine the thick Terizaki tangy sauce, made up of sugar, mirin and soy with freshly grilled chicken pieces. Mash’s Wing Ranch in Bolton have a reputation for serving up the best Teriyaki wings in the city, with offers of up to an immense 50 grilled Teriyaki wings on offer in some of their platters.

Sweet and Sour wings

Chinese takeaways have a formidable array chicken wings that will leave even the most hardened wing veteran awestruck. For instance, sweet and sour chicken wings combine the traditional favourite sweet and sour sauce with lovingly tender strips of chicken.

Chilli and garlic wings

In what just might be the most delicious chicken wings ever to grace your lips, the Bella House on Manchester Road in Manchester have created a delectable selection of chilli and garlic sauce coated chicken wings.

These wings fuse true Chinese-style spices with mouth-watering garlic sauce, striking the perfect balance between strong flavour and spicy aftertones. Unsurprisingly they’ve gone down a storm with the restaurant’s regulars.

Salt & pepper wings

Another wing variation that’s putting to bed the old adage that chicken wings can only be coated in barbecue sauce, are the irresistibly moorish buckets of salt & pepper style chicken wings.

So spread your wings and go beyond the southern fried or barbecue style chicken wings and check out the many other style of wings available on Just Eat. Great for sharing….or for a feast for one. We won’t judge.

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