InspirationPosted on 13.04.2016

Top 5 veggie and vegan dishes to takeaway tonight

Giving your favourite takeaway a veggie makeover is easier than you might think. Plus, veggies are packed full of flavour, texture, vitamins and minerals, so with just a few simple swaps, your usual could become healthier and tastier than ever...


Stir-fries are a great option for veggies/vegans as they pack in all the flavour with none of the meat. Load up on nuts for a superfood boost and pack in as many veggies as possible for an extra nutritious boost. If you’re vegan, make sure your stir-fry noodles are made from rice rather than egg.


Believe it or not, sushi’s not just all about the fish. There are loads of options for veggies and vegans, and they’re just as tasty as the meat options. YO! Sushi offers 19 vegan dishes including miso dumpling ramen, vegetable yaki soba, tofu katsu curry (which won a PETA award for Best Vegan Curry) and vegetable gyoza dumplings… And the best bit? You can order YO! Sushi to click and collect through JUST EAT.


Our top performing dish of 2015 is perfect for veggies and vegans. Salad doesn’t have to be boring either, with so many takeaways offering their own variations, infused with their unique styles and flavours, ordering a salad has never had so many possibilities. Try ordering a Mediterranean salad with the addition of olives and aubergines or check out your local takeaway to see what they’ve got on offer.


Loads of your favourite local takeaways will have burgers on offer, so check out the full menu next time you place an order. Look for a veggie or bean burger and team it with a wholemeal bun. Just remember to skip out on the mayo if you’re making your burger vegan and add something like chilli sauce or ketchup instead.

Fancy something else for dinner? Find out how a few simple tips, tricks and ideas can transform your favourite takeaway dishes, or see what’s new in your area and order now.