InspirationPosted on 09.03.2018

Where can I get a decent vegan takeaway?

But, what about the cheese…

As any vegan knows, it gets tiring having to explain that 1. You’re not on a ‘diet,’ 2. You blimmin’ love food, and 3. You’re not necessarily a crazy health food nut. And sometimes, maybe even quite often, even though you don’t eat meat or dairy, you too want some tasty, greasy, grubby hangover food. Or lots of stodge. Or piles of carbs. Or all of the above.

So vegans and non-vegans read on. Here’s your vegan friendly Just Eat hack to ordering-in. First of all, the restaurant doesn’t have to be vegan or even veggie (whoop). Vegans can sub things in (tofu), sub things out (cheese) and get a very decent feed from a lot of quite surprising places. Heck, you’re even catered for in fast food land.

And secondly, there’s also a ton of cuisines at your disposal that just happen to be accidentally vegan friendly. So let’s start with that…

Vegan friendly cuisines

Chinese, Japanese, Thai or any Asian fusion

There is rarely dairy in Asian cooking. Skip the meat, sub in tofu or veggies and you’re away.


In Italian cooking, tomato sauce rules. Get stuck into Arrabbiata sauces, Pasta Primavera and even Puttanesca (without the anchovies). Make sure the pasta is dried not fresh (it’s the eggs, baby) and you’ll be winning.


Burritos, tacos, fried veg, guacamole, salsa, refried beans…Skip the meat and cheese and Mexican cooking is your new BFF.

Middle Eastern

Lebanese, Turkish, Persian…dairy in dishes from this part of the world is uncommon. That means anything veggie on the menu is also highly likely to be vegan. Falafel, Baba Ghanoush, veggie tagines. Get stuck in!

Vegan friendly Just Eat restaurants you know and love

Hold onto your hats. Some of your high street faves are in fact vegan friendly…

Burger King

Yep, Burger King’s bean burger (and bun) is vegan if you hold the cheese and mayo.


As well as the great range of salads, sushi boxes, dumplings, noodles and soup, Itsu also has a super cute ‘lil vegan sweet treat – the chocolate covered Coconut Crush.


Bow down to the order-in pioneers of vegan cheese. And if you don’t want that, you can go cheese free and add oodles of extra tomato sauce to your pizza instead. No dry crusts here.

So, next time you order in, show ‘em you’re more than a bunch of bad mung bean jokes, dammit. This vegan means business. And the business is mouthwatering food, every day.