We’re proud to introduce Anticipation – L’Eau de Just Eat. We’ve taken the exhilaration that rushes through your body as you tear open your favourite takeaway, and bottled it. We’ve created more than just a fragrance. We’ve captured emotion. And want you to release it.

The very limited-edition range of perfumes and fragrances includes:


Masala Essence Pour Chambre


Thai-Green BambooFresh

The three perfect ingredients to ensure you fill the room with a favourite. The whole collection is released officially at 12:00 on 1 April 2018. Can’t wait that long? We know the feeling. To make sure you get one of our exclusive Anticipation – L’Eau de Just Eat fragrances head over to our website and pre-order yours now.

Of course, apart from emotions, we also deliver mouthwatering food. So now you smell like a winner, how about a takeaway dinner?