All chicken dishes are equal, but some are more equal than others. Some rise slightly above the rest and make it in the hallowed hall of fame that is Chicken Royalty.

Today we take a look at the King and Queen of chicken dishes: Coronation Chicken and the Chicken Royale.

First up, Coronation Chicken.

This was a joint invention by probably the best named inventors of all time: Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume (if you needed baby names inspo, you can thank us later).

Originally named (rather extravagantly) Poulet Reine Elizabeth the recipe was devised in honour of her majesty Elizabeth II’s coronation (joining the dots yet?) in 1953.

It was inspired by the Jubilee Chicken, used for George V’s jubilee in 1935, which consisted of chicken dressed in mayonnaise and curry. Coronation chicken is an evolution of this dish.

What’s in a Coronation Chicken?

The chicken is dressed in a creamy sauce made up of curry powder, lemon juice, onions
1 dessert spoon curry powder, tomato purée, red wine, mayo, apricot puree and some whipped cream.

The finished product is a cold dish that is sweet, creamy and fresh. Perfect for a street party or a picnic. It can be served either in a salad or in a sandwich (much more preferable, in our humble opinion). Most importantly, it can be ordered on Just Eat.

Chicken Royale

Next up, is the Chicken Royale.

Introduced by Burger King during the 90s they call this beauty their ‘crowning glory.’ And can you blame them?

A crispy, golden chicken fillet nestled on a bed of fresh lettuce and creamy mayo and neatly slotted between two slices of a toasted sesame seed bun – it’s everything a chicken sandwich should be. And more.

It might not be as big as a whopper, but the flavours are so on point that we’d argue sometimes it’s about quality and not quantity.

And there you have it, the king and queen of chicken dishes. Want a bite of this regal delicacies? Tap up our app and order yours now.