When the stars align at dinnertime and everything comes together, it feels pretty magical, doesn’t it?

When you tap that magic app-shaped lamp to order with Just Eat, behind the scenes, a chorus line of top chefs are making beautiful music in the kitchen – all in perfect choreography.

They create dishes enchanted by flavour, sprinkled with magic, following legendary recipes that have been passed down over centuries.

And, better still, the meal of your dreams will be whisked to your door in a wonderful, two-wheeled carriage (faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).

Experience the magic of Just Eat tonight…

The magicians behind the magic

With nearly 28,000 now available on Just Eat, our latest marketing campaign is all about the restaurants behind the majestic meals we all love. Wherever you live, you’re never too far away from a pizza saucerer, a tikka teleporter or a wizard of the wok. And, with the Just Eat app, you can become a mealtime magician yourself – locating top rated restaurants in just a few taps.

Can’t decide what takeaway to summon to your place tonight? Neh bother, we’ve got you covered. Click below to enter the magical world of Just Eat where you can read a little more about the dishes mentioned in our TV ad, have a good old singalong and experience all things magic.