More indulgent than Christmas and more exciting than New Year. You guessed it, everyone’s favourite national holiday – National Potato Day 2014!

Okay – fine, we admit it. This may just be a great excuse to post some tasty fry porn. You know you want it.

Warning: Not every single fry in this post is made of potato. If this is a problem, you may be taking potatoes too seriously.

1. Waffle Fries

Step aside, potato waffles. Waffle fries are the new king of grid based potato snacks.

2. Poutine

Pair your chips with a massive portion of cheese (cheese curds if you’re doing it properly) and douse in hot gravy. Thanks, French-Canadians. Wherever you are.



3. Skinny Fries

Sometimes, you’re in a hurry. And that’s when you need to shovel as many tiny baby fries into your face as possible. That’s where skinny fries come in.

fries- skinny


Cajun Fries

Chunky fries, flavoured with incredible cajun spices – they’re also better for you than regular fries, because the chips soak up less fat. Nice.

fries - cajun


Curly Fries

Inspired by crazy straws (probably), these are what chips should have been all along – extra crispy.

fries - curly


Chilli Fries

Ordinary chips, paired with a generous helping of beef chilli, and topped with more cheddar than any sane person could possibly want. Crazy delicious.

fries - chili cheese


Onion Fries

It’s not all about potatoes. Onion fries occupy the incredible middle ground between fries and onion rings. More interesting than chips, and not as stodgy as onion rings.

fries - onion


Courgette Fries

We didn’t know they could be fried either. Turns out they can, and they are delicious. But they’re rare.

fries - courgette


Sweet Potato Fries

Like regular fries, but with a slight twist. Sweet potato fries are usually a bit softer, fried slightly more gently.

fries - sweet potato


Spiced Wedges

The classic. Thick cut wedges with the skin still on – topped a little bit of paprika spice. Perfect.

fries - spicy wedges


Happy National Potato Day, everyone. Celebrate responsibly.