Naughty – Deep pan spicy beef

Just one slice of this beefy beast can set you back 500-600 calories, but then again it is loaded with ground beef, cheese and a load of fried onions. This meaty meal is big on spicy beef, but not so hot on vegetables. The ground beef itself is a good source of protein, iron and zinc – needed for healthy red blood cells and a good immune system – but it also makes the main contribution towards the fat and saturates count, so it’s a good one to share rather than gobble to yourself.

I'm such a beefcake.

I’m such a beefcake.

Nice – Chicken and sweetcorn thin and crispy

This pizza is a much lighter choice, thanks to being lower in calories and fat, and providing you with some useful nutrients. Grilled chicken is lower in fat than beef, and while it doesn’t contain as much iron or zinc, it still gives you a useful amount of these lovely minerals. Like the ground beef pizza, you’ll get tomato puree and onions, which are both ultra-healthy, but this time they’re not fired, plus the sweetcorn provides a great nutrient boost. And by going for thin rather than pan base, you save a few bread calories, too. If it’s healthy pizza you want, this is one of your best choices – with more healthy, unpronounceable plant compounds than you could shake a crust at.