NewsPosted on 01.07.2019

How do you like your Greggs in the morning?

Now there’s a question! It’s time to get Greggs-cited, because you can now order your favourite Greggs takeaway bakes and bites on Just Eat in Newcastle, Glasgow, London, and who knows, maybe a town near you soon. 

Everyone loves a Greggs and it got us thinking, how do you like your Greggs in the morning? Read on to hear our suggestions. (Or if you’re feeling extra hungry. order something tasty now.)

With free delivery and no minimum spend?
✨Ping✨ Your wish is our command! That’s right people, you can order your morning coffee direct to your door with no delivery fee and no minimum spend. Cup a load of that!

With something savoury?
In that case: buckle up, because this is going to make you drool. Bacon Breakfast Rolls, Sausage Breakfast Baguettes, Omelette Breakfast Bague... okay okay we’ll stop. But remember, with a Greggs takeaway, your savoury flavoury brekkie is just a tap away. 

With something sweet?
Whether your perfect brek’s glazed and cinammon-y, thick and porridg-y, or fresh and fruity, you can make breakfast sweeter everything from doughnuts to porridge to a Fruit Medley.

At lunchtime?
How do you like your Greggs in the morning? Yeah, there’s more to Greggs than just breakfast. That’s where the Sausage Rolls, Bakes and sarnies take their time to shine. Click below to get your lunch on. 

So, let us know how you like your Greggs by ordering today.