NewsPosted on 22.05.2019

Helping restaurants provide top notch food safety levels

When you’re tucking into a delicious takeaway, it’s important you can enjoy it in full peace of mind when it comes to food safety and hygiene.
Local authorities take care of deciding which restaurants can trade. But at Just Eat, we take food safety very seriously, so extensive work goes into helping raise food hygiene standards in takeaways up and down the country. So if you’ve got questions as to how, read on below.

What does Just Eat do to ensure high food safety standards?
Food hygiene is a major focus at Just Eat. Every restaurant on our platform has to be Food Standards Agency (FSA) registered with their local authority before trading via Just Eat. Once a restaurant is registered, local authorities are then responsible for inspecting them and deciding which should be allowed to trade. We’re 100% behind these efforts, as the independence of this system is critical to ensuring the integrity and consistency of food hygiene standards nationwide.

Does Just Eat screen restaurant partners?
When a new restaurant pops up on the Just Eat app in your area, you can rest assured they have to submit evidence that they’re FSA-registered with the relevant local authority before they can start serving you food on our platform. But we also want to give the right help to restaurant partners to improve and grow.

How does Just Eat help educate restaurant partners?
We do everything we can to raise awareness and standards. For example through offering free food safety training (including on allergens) and providing up to date information and advice on this through our partner blog and magazine. We provide access to Level 2 food hygiene training and certification to every restaurant on Just Eat.

I’ve got a food allergy, how can Just Eat help me?
At Just Eat we take allergens seriously and understand customers have a variety of dietary needs and requirements. We put your safety first, and as Just Eat doesn’t prepare any food, we advise that the safest way to ensure you know exactly what ingredients are used in your meal is to contact the restaurant you’re ordering from directly. We also provide information on allergies in an FAQ accessible on the help section of the platform.

Can I see food hygiene ratings of restaurants I order from?

You can find a link to the FSA website on the info section of all of our restaurant partners’ menu pages - enabling you to check  the food hygiene rating of any takeaway on our platform before placing an order. We've been working closely with the FSA to make this even easier - customers in Northern Ireland will soon be able to see the latest food hygiene ratings and inspection dates directly within the Just Eat app and website. An update we plan to roll out across the UK later this year.