NewsPosted on 02.03.2017

Reports of a new text message scam

Scam text messages – please don’t respond

We have received reports of a new text message being sent to some of our customers. The fraudulent text message being sent out is from a source posing to be Just Eat and looks like the below images:

This has been leading customers to // which is not a website that is anything to do with Just Eat, and shouldn’t be trusted on any level. The URL has now been taken down, but our security team would like to reinforce the danger these scams possess. Please see a below image of the fake website for your reference:

As mentioned in a previous blog post you can read here, Just Eat would never send an email or text message to any of our customers asking for personal and financial details. Nor would we encourage you to sign up for unrelated services. If you receive these messages we would urge you not to enter any account details or personal information.