Sure, you might have grown up dreaming that by 2017 we’d all be zooming around in flying cars and run in self-lacing shoes. But not even your wildest fantasies conjured the possibility of an autonomous robot delivering the food you’d just ordered from the palm of your hand just 30 minutes earlier. Right? Well, we’ve made the unthinkable a reality. And not just once, but a thousand times.

And that’s just the beginning. On top of robots that travel, we have robots that talk too. Our friendly Facebook Chatbot, will not only serve you updates from The X Factor but will also help solve the ordeal we all face when ordering takeaway….what do I want to eat? Our straight talking Chatbot has no time for ‘Oh I don’t mind’. Ask it for a recommendation and it will answer in no time. Easy.

Is tapping too much effort? We have an answer for that too. Enter the Amazon Echo. Like a vigilant guardian, it stands to attention, ready to fulfil any whim you may have. You can shout, whisper or sing your favourite dish and it will promptly ensure it’s delivered straight to your door. You’re welcome.

And forget all this talk about ‘the world is in the palm of your hand’ (just for a second). It’s all about that wrist action and our app on the Apple Watch. Give it a go, ordering your meal has never been easier, trust us.

And finally, one for the gamers. For the times when you’re so engrossed in rinsing your friends at your favourite sports or first-person shooter game that you don’t realise your phone has fallen down the sofa. You desperately need fuel for your body…but take the eyes off the prize one second and you’re at the mercy of your pals. And that ain’t happening, not on our watch. Simply order via your Xbox One on our app and remain unbeaten.

And there you have it, the most technologically advanced ways to order your favourite food. So forget the flying cars and welcome to the foodture, friend.