Reheating cold pizza. We’ve all had to deal with it.

Imagine the situation: for some crazy reason (power cut, pet funeral, someone else’s pizza), you didn’t finish your pizza in one go. Now you’re left with two options:

1 – The controversial decision to eat cold pizza

2 – Putting in the microwave, leaving it hot but soggy

If only there was another way. A way that left your pizza just as hot and crispy. Turns out, there’s loads.

Hack #1 – Glass of Water in the Microwave

Fill up a glass of water, put it in the microwave with your reheating pizza. Science happens, and you get a nice, crispy slice of pizza. Nothing sad, limp or soggy about it. Genius.

pizza lifehacks glass of water


Hack #2 – Frying Pan

Be careful for this one. You’ll need a hob. And a pan. If you have any idea what those things are, you’re doing a lot better than us. So, the trick is to just slap that bad boy in a frying pan for a couple minutes. It’ll come out as hot and crispy as it was when you first got it.

Hack #3 – Kitchen Roll

It’s weird, but trust us – it works. Place a single sheet of kitchen roll above and below your delicious pizza when you put it in the microwave. The toppings will heat up, the cheese will get nice and melty, and the crust will stay

pizza reheating lifehacks

It’s shaped like a slice for a reason, right? (source)

Hack #4 – Sandwich Maker

You’ll need two slices for this. Dig out that lonely, unwanted sandwich maker that’s been sitting on top of your cupboards for the last 5 years. Grab your two slices of pizza and put them together – toppings facing each other. Give ’em a couple minutes, and take them back out. Or – leave it a bit longer, and enjoy your homemade calzone, you clever turnip.

How do you reheat your pizza?